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Loan Repayments

Find out your estimated home loan repayments

Use our calculator to crunch the numbers on your home loan options.

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Borrowing Power

How much could you afford to borrow?

Answer some simple questions to get an estimate of what you could afford to borrow.

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Deposit Planner

Set your savings goal

Use our planner to help you work out the deposit required for a new home.

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Loan Comparison

Compare different loan options

A guide to the outcome of various loan options.

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Buying and Selling Costs

Find the best solution for your situation

Get an indication of the costs involved when buying or selling a home.

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Stamp Duty

Work out how much stamp duty could cost

Providing a guide to stamp duty fees based on your purchase location.

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Need a more accurate result?

We'll crunch the numbers for you

Each of our calculators provides a useful guide to the many charges involved in property purchasing and selling.

For a more accurate result, please get in touch with our advisors. We’ll provide expert advice and find the right solution to fit your lifestyle. Call our team on 1300 359 245 today.