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Our Financial Services

At Money Lab, we have assembled an experienced and talented team of professionals who can deliver a range of financial services that are focused on achieving the best possible financial solutions for our customers.

Whether you are a first-time home buyer looking to break into the property market or a commercial business looking for asset finance, we understand what it takes to achieve sustainable financial success, because we have been there ourselves.

Like you, we are totally over the lack of truth and transparency in the financial planning and lending space. The hidden fees, the nasty little catches in the small print and the lack of care and responsibility out there. We assure you, all of our clients receive honesty and above all, responsibility from all our financial services – qualities that are seemingly so disconnected from the finance space.

We understand that when it comes to making some of life’s most important decisions, you need to hear it straight. Is this right for you
and your personal circumstances? Does it correspond with your long-
term financial planning goals? In essence, we make it easy for you at
whatever stage of life’s journey you are at to make the right decision.
We will look out for you and take personal responsibility and care when it
comes to securing you the right-fit financial service, be it personal or

We will take the time to get to know you and which of our financial services is going to work for you and your individual situation.

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Home Loans

Our financial services include a wide range of home loan types, and our talented brokers will take the time to align the right solution for you.

Whether you are buying your first home or refinancing your existing mortgage, we have you covered. Talking about mortgages and sifting through all of the options can be daunting – we will take you through step
by step and take the time to make sure that you are informed and confident when understanding all of the options available to you. We will do what is right for you.

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Financial Planning

Financial planning is the most important financial service we offer, and we strongly recommend it to all of our clients.

We will work closely with you to review your financial situation and develop strategies to achieve your life goals and financial success.
Everyone can be financially successful with the right advice and support. Our talented team of financial advisors will support you every step of the way.

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Investment Lending

Are you looking at investing for the first time or are you a seasoned pro?

Are you looking at investing for the first time or are you a seasoned pro? Either way, our financial services include investment lending and advice for first timers and pros. We can set up the investment loan you need,
or we can find you an investment property and advise you along the way. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial investment property, we are the specialists you can trust.

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Your one-stop
financial firm

Money Lab is an arm of the Money Company that also
incorporates Money for Jam and Blue Bird Private Equity.

Money Lab is an arm of a larger financial firm that also incorporates Money for Jam and Blue Bird Private Equity. These brands joined forces to become the one-stop financial firm for all of your financial needs, be it personal or commercial. Money Lab is your mortgage, investment and financial advising expert for personal and commercial purposes while Money for Jam is a financial broking specialist covering services from personal loans to commercial finance.

Blue Bird Private Equity is a specialist firm providing sophisticated investors with a range of fund investment options targeted to achieve high returns.

The Money Company is nothing short of thriving with each arm becoming more and more successful individually and as a whole.With the collective experience across all areas of finance, each company can draw from the other’s knowledge to provide you with a full and comprehensive financial service to assist you throughout your life’s journey. Whether you are buying your first car, first home or setting up a super fund; we will stick with you and assist you all the way.

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Introducing the group, your one-stop financial firm: