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Choosing the right Financial Advisor

Expert financial planning to suit your needs.

Your Financial Advisor will be focused on supporting you in managing your wealth to achieve your life goals. We believe in working hard and playing hard, and we want you to be able to live the life that you want.

We have devised a program to take the time to understand you and your wants in life and will guide you through the steps towards achieving them. Our Financial Advisors will guide you through the smoke and mirrors of the financial world and tailor the right financial solutions for you throughout life’s journey.

First and foremost, gaining your trust is the most important thing to us. We aim to maintain a relationship with you for life, so we are prepared to invest in you fully. Getting financial advice will also give you the confidence to get on with living without worrying about money.

Things to consider when looking for a Financial Advisor.

It can be stressful looking for a new Financial Advisor. In the case that we are not the right fit for you, here is some advice.

Firstly, make sure they take the time to get to know you: your situation is unique, so if they do not understand your individual needs, they cannot give you proper financial advice. Find out their qualifications and experience: are they a member of the financial planning association (FPA); are they certified; are they licensed; and how long have they been practising?

Be sure to check if they charge for their services. They must disclose all of their fees and charges, you do not want to be surprised with a large bill later on.

Let’s create a secure financial future together.

Cashflow Manager

We have devised a program for your private use to manage your personal cashflow and track your expenses.

This makes it much easier to stop wastage, and you will be surprised by how much you can save when every single little dollar is accounted for. A Financial Advisor will support you through cashflow management and help you to stay on track.

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Wealth Management

The key to becoming financially successful is wealth management.

This is where one of our talented Financial Advisors can add benefit to you. Having the right financial advice will give you the confidence to get on with your life without worrying if you can even afford to. We include regular financial health checks and risk assessments to further ensure you stay on the path to financial success.

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Investment Strategy

Are you looking at investment properties?

We offer investment strategy with our financial advice. Whether you are a first timer or seasoned pro, we can advise you on your next move. We also do investment lending, so you need to look no further.

Investment options

Super Review

It is never too early to conduct a super review.

Your Financial Advisor will review your super and ensure it is set up correctly and performing the best it can so you do not need to make sacrifices further down the track.
We will also consolidate any lost super you may have as this could be money that you are missing out on.

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