What our home loan experts will do for you

Whether you’re looking for a residential home loan or a business looking for commercial property, our home loan experts can tailor the right-fit mortgage type for you and your individual circumstance.

We know just how complicated the property market is especially when it comes to financing, so we want to make sure smooth sailing for you right from the beginning. We promise to go that extra mile for you, looking beyond the typical fixed or variable rates offered by the major banks. Variable rates are not the only thing to be considered when looking at home loan options. What saves you a buck now may cost you a bucket later.

Our team of highly experienced home loan experts will first analyse your personal circumstance and understand your individual requirements and will then offer you tailored solutions based on the most suited and competitive products available in the market, delivering you a final product that allows you to make your dream a reality.

We are more than aware of how daunting the process of applying for a home loan can be. There are so many things to consider like, what type of loan should I get? Should I go through a bank or a broker? How does Stamp Duty work? And on and on the list goes. So where should you start you ask? Why don’t you start with us: our home loan experts can answer all your questions and work through the process with you step by step with specialist advice.

Our team of home loan experts will go through all the home loan lenders and products that are specifically suited to you – we will do the work for you. Finding and buying a property takes a great deal of time and planning, we want to make sure that this process is as easy as possible for you. A mortgage is the biggest commitment you are likely to make, financially speaking, so you need the confidence that you got it right.

Australian mortgage options

With so many different mortgage options available, having a home loan expert guide you through the maze will speed up the process.

You might be a first home buyer, owner occupier, property investor, looking to refinance, want interest only repayments or are interested only products that have an offset account, whatever your requirements may be we have a solution for you. Our home loan experts will show you that selecting a product based on the lowest interest rate is not always the best option; there may be other fees that apply that could end up costing you more in the long run. Our home loan experts will check these finer details for you, so there are no nasty surprises later. Australian mortgage options include:

Buying your first home

Are you a first home buyer? First of all, congratulations! Second of all, are you up to date with the changes in legislation to stamp duty and first home buyer grants? Our home loan experts are up to date with everything you need to know. We will arm you with all the information you need not only regarding your home loan but with property market information and financial advice too.

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Home loan interest rates

Our home loan experts will tailor the right-fit interest rate structure for you.

There are many structures available which can be confusing to the untrained eye – don’t make the common mistake of picking the lowest interest rate, as this may not be the right structure for you in the long run. Our home loan experts are always up to date with the ever-changing market and will do the work for you. We will arm you with all you need to know to make important decisions early on that will dramatically affect your equity position in the long run.

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Home loan pre approval

Home loan pre approval is the most vital step in buying a new home.

Home loan pre-approval gives you your shopping budget and the confidence in knowing that the funds are there and ready when you need it. Our home loan experts can help you with your application. We strongly recommend completing this before you begin shopping for your new home. Read more about the benefits of obtaining a pre approval here.

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Offset account

Talk to our home loan experts about how an offset account could save you loads and shorten your loan life!

An offset account is useful if you want to pay off your mortgage sooner and save money at the same time. This is something you should definitely look into as if set up correctly will place you in a far better position for the future. You may never gain this sort of market knowledge without honest, professional help; our home loan experts will share all the tricks and know how’s to ensure you are placed as best as possible in this complex market.

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