What is a Cashflow Manager?

When you think cashflow manager, you think business tool right?

Well, it just so happens that cashflow management is just as important for us all in our personal lives. No doubt you can agree, we could all be better at saving money right? Well with a little help managing our finances you would be surprised how much more we can achieve than we ever thought possible. It is all well and fine to be looking at buying your first home or an investment opportunity but please do not ignore the fundamental key to success, cashflow management.

Cashflow refers to the debit and credit of money which is true for business and personal, and if all you are doing is paying your bills and living expenses, then you are merely just surviving and boy do we have some things to teach you. Where is the money coming from, where is it going, and what choices are appropriate in achieving my financial life goals? This is real cashflow management and what we are here to help you with.

Your expert financial planner will conduct a budget review to determine how you are managing your money and how you can minimise costs and stop wasting money. We will set you up with our cashflow manager budgeting software that will track and report on where your money is going. With every dollar being tracked it is much easier to stop wastage, and you will be shocked by how much you could have been saving all this time. We will aid you in becoming better managers of your day to day finances them with a simple and secure method to monitor and manage all your financial data from one centralised, online portal.

How Cashflow Manager works

The cash flow manager will automatically categorise your spending so that you can clearly see exactly where your money is going and is incredibly simple to use.

Our cashflow manager tool works by retrieving your financial data and imputing it into your own personalised budget. This provides you with an accurate overview of your financial position, improves your financial awareness and helps you to better manage your money.

Cashflow Manager is very easy to use and completely private, only you have access. We do recommend however, allowing access to your financial advisor for more accurate and streamlined advice. The cashflow manager tool allows your financial advisor to be up to date on your true financial position so they can effectively provide you with the best possible financial advice. Another great benefit is that it will notify you of any upcoming bills, spending over budget and keep you fully informed on the progress of your implemented financial goals.

Our cashflow manager tool is available in two versions.

Cashflow Manager options

Cashflow Manager Platinum

The Cashflow Manager Platinum includes everything from the Gold version and loads, of extra features including comprehensive professional forecasting, analytical and budgeting applications.

If you allow access to your financial advisor, it streamlines your up-to-date and accurate financial information for effective financial coaching, cash flow monitoring, and budgeting assistance.

Cashflow Manager Gold

The Cashflow Manager Gold is the basic method to oversee and manage your finances. You can set up budgets, financial goals, track transactions across multiple accounts, and gain control of your money.

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Cashflow Manager benefits

  1. One easy online portal to monitor bank accounts and transactions, loans, and credit cards.
  2. Collates all your financial data and categorises, spend analysis, cashflow manager forecasting, budgeting, goal setting, analytics, and reporting.
  3. Quickly Identifies abnormal or unauthorised transactions.
  4. Receive email or text notifications of upcoming payments, bills, and budget over limits.
  5. Read only basis. Cannot perform any transactions for extra security.
  6. Streamlined bookkeeping and tax reporting.
  7. Set up and user training and ongoing support.
  8. Financial Performance updates by weekly and monthly emails.